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Partial Reflection Coatings

Partial Reflection coating for Narrow Band       

Provide 50% reflection and transmission at an angle of 45° incidence for a single wavelength. Perfect for beamsplitters application.   Transmission/reflection (T/R) ratio of 20/80, or others for Beamsplitter is available upon request.    


                             Single wavelength PR R=50%+/-2%@632.8nm, 45deg. incidence    


                                                       PR R =90% +/-1%@1064nm, AOI= 0 deg.

Particial Reflection Coating for Broadband      
Over a wide bandwidth provides 50% reflection and transmission. Tempotec can also provide coatings with different R/T ratios at and specific angle of incident.    


                                  Broadband PR R=50%+/-5%@450~700nm, 45deg. incidence

Other wavelengths, incident angles and R/T ratios are also available.

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