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Anti-reflection Coating

1. Single Layer MgF2  AR coating

Applied to materials with refractive indices from 1.45 to 2.4. The most popular antireflection coating for visible. They are insensitive to the change of incidence angles.


                              Single layer MgF2 coaitng Ravg<2%@400~700nm, 0deg.incidence

2. Multilayer  AR coating    

Used to provide low reflectance with in a narrow durable wavelength band for most laser application. Minimum reflection can be less than 0.1%.    


                                  Single wavelength AR R<0.25%@1064nm, 0deg. incidence


                                                             AR@308nm R< 0.2%, AOI=0deg.


                                                      AR  R<0.2%@1200-1650nm, AOI=0deg.

3. Broadband Multilayer AR coating          

These coatings have excellent performance over a broad spectral range broadband. Coating performance is sensitive to angle of incidence.    


                                      Broadband AR Ravg<1.0%@420~700nm, 0deg. incidence.

4. Dual Wavelength Band AR coating    

Offer very low reflectance at two widely spaced wavelengths, such as Nd:YAG Laser (1064) and its second harmonic (532) . Tempotec makes this a double wavelength waveplate.    


                 Dual wavelength AR R<0.25%@1064nm & R<0.5%@532nm, 0deg. incidence.

Other wavelength and incident angle are also available.

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