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Prisms are blocks of optical material with flat polished sides arranged at precisely controlled angles to each other, which deflect, deviate and rotate beams of light as well as dispersing their wavelengths. Tempotec offers many types of high precision prisms as follow.

The smallest size we can supply is 0.8mm.

Right Angle Prism
Right angle prism is deviating or deflecting a beam of light with 90° or 180°. It is often used in telescope, periscope and other optical system. Furthermore, Laser grade right angle prism is also available by Tempotec. Please see the following chapter “ laser optics” for more informatio...
Dove Prism
Dove prism has two applications. The main application is used as a rotator. It can rotate an image but without deviating the beam. And when the prism is rotated about the input parallel ray through some angle, the image rotates through twice that angle. It is very important that the application must...
Anamorphic Prism
Anamorphic Prism These two prisms can expand or contract the beam in one direction without any changes in the other direction. By adjusting the angles among the incident beam and two prisms, the shape of the beam can be changed. It is very easy to turn elliptical beam into circular beam. ...
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